Going To Turkey – Tips and Guidance

The bus is still in Turkey the primary form of transport. Every town, every area in Turkey can be reached from the bus station, the * otogar *. Go there and you’ll find all bus companies – tickets can be gotten best here.

All buses have great convenience and a/c and a stop en route for eating is always organized

The Dolmus (dolmush) is usually Turkish and can be discovered everywhere. These are mainly minibuses traveling reasonably short ranges. A dolmus typically waits and starts in the bus station () until it is complete then leaves. You can board a dolmus anywhere on its route by indicating it to pick up you. You can get off at a practical point anywhere along the path. The destination of the dolmus is posted in the windshield. This sort of public transportation is inexpensive and effective and works very well all over Turkey.

Loan Matters
Turkish currency is the Lira (TL) and the inflation rate still is very high (in between 70 and 80%.) So costs in this country modification quickly. Do not change in your home, modification in Turkey! The rate is a lot much better here. Unless you’ve just won the lottery game! Examine your money and receipt before leaving the bank Get used to the color and denomination of the Turkish Lira (TL) prior to going out to invest them. Spread them out someplace and have a good look (and a small gloat at the millions!). Determine an exchange rate to fit each note, and round up or down so you can remember it. E.g.: 1,000,000 TL (1 Million) has to do with half a pound – something like that. When you purchase something, ensure you comprehend the number of TL are needed, shopkeepers frequently write the amount to prevent confusion, and count your notes out carefully. Anyhow a number of the restaurant owners or shop keepers are used to western currencies.

Legal holiday
Official vacations are:
January 1st – New Year’s Day
April 23rd – Children’s Day
May 19th – Day of youth and sport
MIA 27th – Day of constitution
August 30th Victory Day
October 29th Republic Day.

Religious vacations
During the fasting time (Ramadan or Ramadan), Muslims are prohibited to consume, drink, smoke or have sexual intercourse between dawn and sunset. This 4 weeks fasting time is followed by the Sugar Fete (Seker Bayrami), when individuals go to each other and offering sugary foods.

About two months later Kurban Bayrami is renowned – ‘The Festival of Sacrifice’, which is Turkey’s longest religious as well as secular vacation. This festival honors Abraham’s near sacrifice of his boy Isaac (Koran Rura 37).

Following Islamic custom, several million rams are compromised in Turkey every year. Every devout family who can effort it buys one. After morning prayers on the first day of the festival the sheep is eliminated, skinned and butchered for a feast later in the day. A sizable portion of the meat is offered to the bad, and the skin is offered to a charity organisation, which raises funds by offering the skins to leather factories.

The following days are invested visiting family and friends, with Turks often taking a trip long distances to be with their households for the holiday. This indicates that kinds of public transportation are totally booked, roads are extremely hectic and lodging of all types in the resorts will be scarce and pricey.

The roads all over Turkey have actually enhanced and are much better now then a couple of years ago.The time is over – when roadways where categorized in * dirty * and * non-dusty * roadways. To get good and comprehensive maps is still a problem here – not everywhere offered.

Your impression of traffic in Turkey will be shocking: queue jumping and honking cars and trucks, specially taxis who are not bothered about traffic lights and over taking in most impossible places. Pedestrians appear to have suicidal tendencies. Bikes and motor-bikes without light and opposite the One-Way street – that’s absolute normal.

Data show that Turkey has the highest record of road mishaps. The average motorist drives with no factor to consider to other road users. Their main weapon is their horn.

Rent a cars and truck – self drive
Pertaining to Turkey by airplane and after that lease an automobile is for sure an ideal way to spent your vacations. Costs compare to European nations or US are high. Beware and drive the defensive method Turkey.

To discover public toilets in Turkey is still an issue. A Tip: All mosques have public toilets (in Turkish “Tuvalet”).

Of course as for every service, tipping is anticipated and the salaries are really low in Turkey, so many people are dependent on this sort of extra income. In basic – like everywhere all over the world: the best tipping can open doors – so it does in Turkey.

Consuming water
Water from the tap is primarily water for usage, like for cleaning, you should not drink it. To have drinking water -we recommend the mineral water in those plastic bottles.This water has an outstandingly excellent quality all over Turkey.

The bus is still in Turkey the main form of transportation. Every town, every area in Turkey can be reached from the bus station, the * otogar *. The roads all over Turkey have improved and are much better now then a couple of years ago.The time is over – when roads where classified in * dirty * and * non-dusty * roads. Data show that Turkey has the highest record of roadway mishaps. Coming to Turkey by airplane and then rent a vehicle is for sure an ideal method to spent your holidays.